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Minneapolis, MN


About Us

Our Mission

Shore Group is a company of manufacturer representatives dedicated to helping suppliers navigate the selling process into national retail accounts & expand upon existing businesses.

Our Promise

We are available, willing to listen, tell your story & won't leave you wondering "what have you sold for me lately?" 

Getting to know the Shore Group

  • Over 30 years in the business
  • Focus on maintaining great working relationships, communication is key
  • Experience with branded & own brand products  
  • Maintain pulse on market trends 
  • Handle day-to-day and category management
  • Based in Minneapolis, MN and actively call on the following national retailers: Target, UNFI, Walgreens and Menards
  • Primary areas of focus: consumable groceries, beverages, pets, housewares
  • Eager to stop by your booth at following trade shows: NACS, PLMA, Global Pet Expo, Sweet Snack Show, IDDBA

2019 Supplier Highlight

Seeking representation for your consumer products?

Please contact us directly: or

Shore Group

4755 Bayswater Road, Shorewood, Minnesota 55331, United States

(612) 799-1630